Rapunzel’s Braid


This past weekend my babiest baby turned one. To celebrate the survival of his first year my husband and I threw him a party, which I love to do! Somewhere in the midst of setting up chairs and throwing food in the oven I forgot to do my daughter’s hair. I joke that Amelia stole my curly hair when she was born. Before I had her my hair was thick and curly but afterwards, with the complexity of hormones, my hair fell out by the handfuls. I had to unclog the drain FOUR times during ONE shower just to prevent my shower from turning into a bath. Little did I know that my hair would do that after each child. Like the inside of a tree has rings for each year of its life I have layers of hair for each child.

I keep thinking that if I have another child maybe I could get my curly hair back, but for now Amelia is the only one with curly hair. On the day of the party her hair was look’n more like a frizzy hot mess. When her Aunt Stacy arrived she kindly offered to braid it. Amelia was thrilled that she had a “long” braid that matched her big cousin Lily. She wore that braid proudly. I was extra careful to comb around it, but after two days there were more fly-aways than actually hair in the braid. On bath night it was time to say goodbye to the braid. I dreaded breaking the news to Amelia, but after promising to give her a new one she solemnly let me unbraid her hair. I didn’t dare tell her I didn’t know how to braid as ornately as Aunt Stacy!

Have you seen any of the fancy hairstyle tutorial videos? Occasionally they pop up on my news feed. They are impresively intricate. I think to myself I should try them on my daughter’s hair, but my second thought is, “ain’t nobody time for that!” I don’t see a lot of two-stranded braids.  I think they’re technically called “twists.” I think they’re not as popular because even with an atmosphere of hairspray and metal detector-setting-off amount of bobby-pins they don’t stay in that great. I’m no hair expert, but I do realize that a braid needs three strands in order to be durable. My daughter enjoys wrestling with her two younger brothers so her’s needs to be extra durable.

All this braid talk reminded me of the framed verse that my newlywed friend gave me. She had used it as part of a table centerpiece at her wedding reception. Afterwards she gave the frames to friends. It now sits on a shelf in my kitchen. It reads:  “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

If you feel like your marriage is holding on by a thread let Christ be that third strand. Weave Him throughout every part of your marriage so that when Satan tries to wrestle you down the two of you can withstand his attacks. Marriage is hard enough without Christ. I don’t know how non-christian marriages make it. My theory is that Satan gives them a break because he does not see them as a threat to the growth of God’s kingdom. I’ll be real with ya, sometimes I feel like asking Jesus to step outside for a second so I can speak my mind! But before I get a chance to do that I’m reminded: I’m a Christian woman . . . My husband is not the enemy. Satan is the enemy . . . I love my husband and I want to build him up . . . So I take a deep breath (sometimes a growl might sneak out). Then I proceed the conversation with love and caution.

If you are unsure how to weave Christ in your marriage watch some hair tutorials. I mean sermons! Talk to a couple whose Christ’s work is evident in their life. Pray God will lead you to the right book (maybe even the Bible). When you weave Christ in your marriage and let Him transform you, you’ll feel  like a proud 3-year-old showing off her braid. “Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people!”Psalm 66:5 

*Sorry if the hair in the picture weirds you out. For Amelia”s 4th birthday she asked to have long hair like Rapunzel, so her Aunt Rachel mailed her a wig. I need more aunts in my life!


4 thoughts on “Rapunzel’s Braid

  1. Well, Miss Audrey, I am a little slow leaving a comment because I am a male, an old male, that REALLY ENJOYS reading “PBWM”. I am encouraged by your message on marriage that is strengthen. I been posting on FB about having a marriage that is HEALTHY also. May God continue to use your gift to BLESS and DIRECT couples in the way that they should go to continue to grow a HEALTHY MARRIAGE.

  2. I like the braid!! I can relate to the hair falling out part AND after I had burton, my hair got wavy almost curly. It was so straight before, now I can add some mousse and it stays semi-curly. I guess we got the opposites! Though I love the curliness and when I want straight, I just blow dry it and its straight. Love your posts as always!

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