Nap Time Snack


Nap Time Shenanigans

My kids’ naptime is my absolute favorite part of the day. It is sacred mommy time. Even my husband knows not to call me from  1:00 to 3:00pm. At this time all three children will be taking a mandatory nap. I don’t care if they’re in their bedrooms dumping all the clothes our of their dressers, ripping apart their picture books or finger painting with their own creative medium as long as they stay in their room. Yes, all of those things have happened before… several times. Just last week I noticed streaks of blood on my daughter’s wall. Before I questioned a massacre of stuffed animals I asked her what happened. She smirked and said, “My lips were bleeding.  I need mouth-chap,” she responded. Though blood on the wall is not my preference it was better than on her blanket, because it wiped off easy. Before you consider me a neglectful mom I do keep an ear out for crying and will intervene if absolutely necessary.

What do I do at this sacred time? Recollect my sanity. I close my eyes for ten minutes and try to turn off my brain. Then I strategically plot out my time to do things that inspire me such as: exercising, reading, writing and snacking. Since the local gym membership is out of my price range and hauling three kids to the gym is a workout in and of itself I exercise to workout DVDs. For reading I enjoy devotionals and true stories. For writing, well it’s nap time right now and this is what I’m writing. And for snacking, oh yes snacking. My secret stash of snacks  consist of whatever my current food addiction is. A girl friend of mine noticed how I went through different food cravings. She freaked me out by telling me I had an addictive personality. I was ready to sign myself up for Alcoholic’s Anonymous  as a preventative. I don’t know how well the twelve step program would work for recovering from carrot cake.


The Carrot Cake on my counter I am about to smash.

Carrot cake is my current favorite nap time snack. It’s great because I’m the only one in my house who even likes it, so I don’t even have to hide it. It’s almost Easter time so eating carrot cake makes me feel extra festive. You know those movies where the nerdiest kid is transformed into the most popular kid on campus? That’s what carrot cake is at Easter. I adore the little frosted carrots on top of the cake. It’s the little things guys. Stop and smell the carrots. Besides having a cake made out of carrots makes it almost seem healthy. It has raisins which are fruit. Cream cheese frosting for dairy. Walnuts for protein. It’s basically a whole food pyramid all in one bite, which completely removes all guilt from devouring it.

When I was pregnant with my first child I looked forward to having food cravings. For three months I waited for the food cravings to come. Instead I got food aversions. Even the smell of food made me nauseous. The first 14 weeks  of pregnancy felt like a continual flu. When the second trimester came I could finally eat, but to my surprise food tasted different. It was as if my tastebuds had changed. Like somebody had given me a tongue transplant in my sleep. Instead of enjoying desserts and fruits like a normal person they all of a sudden tasted unbarably too sweet. My body craved hearty food like steak and potatoes. If my unborn baby needed steak to grow then this soon-mom-to-be was going to feed her steak! Instead of requesting onsies and pacifiers on the baby registry I should have requested gift cards to Texas Roadhouse. It would have been just as practical.

As much as I would love to shove my face full of carrot cake all the time I know that my body requires something more hearty and nutritional like steak. Reading devotionals during nap time is a tasty treat from me. It’s like carrot cake for my soul. The protein from the walnuts in carrot cake are like the quotes of Scripture in devotionals. Walnuts are high in protein, but sometimes my soul hungers for even more protein which is only found in juicy Bible steak. I’m so old school I prefer to open up an actual paper Bible, but if a Bible app on your phone works for you than more power to ya! If your like me and never know where to start then you’re in luck. Bookstores are full of guides for scripture. Like steak, the Bible takes more effort to chew than fluffy carrot cake, but it’s necessary to grow into a mature believer. Don’t be a vegetarian Christian. Get some use out of those chompers!

“For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”John 6:33

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.”-John 6:51



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