Embracing Crazy Daisy

Like most people I like to own nice things, so when my grandma went into her basement and dug up a cardboard box full of dishes I wasn’t too excited when she offered them to me as a wedding gift.  I reached in the box and inside were these white dishes with olive green flowers on them from the 1960’s.  They reminded me of some hideous wallpaper you would find in an old house that hadn’t been updated since Armstrong landed on the moon.  I figured, ugly dishes are better than no dishes, so I told Grandma I would take them.  Suddenly she changed,  she stared into my eyes and lowered her voice and said, “You have to use these.  You cannot get rid of them.  If I come to your house they had better be in your cabinet.”  At that moment, all 110 pounds and 88-years of her became quite intimidating.  I agreed and saved them for my 1st apartment.

A few weeks later my fiancé and I sat down with a consultant to do our wedding registry.  I noticed behind her desk was a large display of chinaware.  A set with an artsy, black swirl stuck out to me and a set with and elegant bird next to a whimsical flower caught my eye.  The consultant said we had to pick out a set.  Then I had a vision:  Grandma was at my apartment.  She was walking into the kitchen.  She was reaching up to open my cupboard . . . I snapped out of it.  I focused my eyes on the dishes.  And then their prices.  Sixty-dollars!  For one bowl, one plate, and one mug.  I don’t know who this “consultant” lady thought we were inviting to our wedding!?  My fiancé Steve, who cares much more about the food on the plate and couldn’t care less about the plate itself, agreed that we didn’t feel right asking our guests to pay that much for a dish set.  What good is an expensive dish set when all you can afford to eat on them is Ramen noodles anyway?  Of course, a large part of me wanted a fancy set of dishes to serve my future dinner guests with, but I also realized that in another 40-years that elegant bird would look as out-dated to me as Grandma’s Flower Power dishes.  I also pictured my future husband dropping one of the $20 plates at a dinner party and me getting furious for his clumsiness and then ruining the evening with my bad attitude.  We told the consultant we would look elsewhere.

Later that week I showed my fiancé the Flower Power dishes.  He laughed, which took me off guard.  I knew they were ugly but I didn’t think they were laughable.  He quickly explained, “My parents used the same dishes for camping.  I’m sure they’d let us have theirs too if you want.”  Thus I inherited more Flower Power dishes.  Since then I’ve looked them up online and they’re actually called “Crazy Daisy” by Corelle.

After our wedding I stacked our Crazy Daisies in the cupboard.  Grandma would be so proud!  We’ve even cumulated more.  A friend of ours saw some at a garage sale for $2.00.  He wanted a mug because it reminded him of his grandma and he gave us the rest.  A month ago I saw a friend post a picture of the “amazing find” she got at a thrift store.  You guessed already what she found didn’t you?  You’re right, she bought herself some Crazy Daisies.  She purchased them because she actually liked them and thought they were retro.  If she saw my set she’d probably think I was the epiphany of cool 😉

So what’s the moral of the story?  There’s got to be a moral or there’s no point in reading it, right?  The moral is *drum roll*. . . Nobody Cares!  If you’re thinking “Geesh Audrey, you sound awfully pessimistic,”  then you’re misinterpreting me.  I’m not saying people don’t care about you.  I’m saying people don’t care about what kind of dishes you have.  If someone didn’t want to come to your house because of your ugly dishes then they’re not really a friend anyways, right?  Right.  The same goes for other things such as clothes, cars and the house itself ect…  Now if people were to come over to your house and you were to give them food poisoning.  Hypothetically speaking of course . . . oh wait, I’ve done that.  Twice!  And they still come over!  But that’s a story for a different day.  I’m not saying it is at all wrong to have nice things.  Some day I hope to have nice dishes, but it’s the reasoning behind it.  Why do you want it?  Is it to impress people?  That’s lame.  Is it going to make you go into debt even though you really don’t need it?  That’s irresponsible.

Three and half years into our marriage and our table is still adorned with Crazy Daisy.  When my husband drops a plate instead of getting made we both hope that it will break, but they never do!  This week I saw three small Crazy Daisy bowls at a thrift store.  I felt like they were the long lost relatives to my dishes.  I didn’t get them and then I felt guilty for not reuniting them with the rest of the Crazy Daisy clan.  I admit I have caught myself drooling over my friend’s vibrant floral chinaware when she serves us an exquisit dinner at her house, but I am trying to learn to be content with what God has given me like the Apostle Paul.  I know Paul was talking about being persecuted as a Christian and not about silly dishes in this verse but it still relates:

“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstance.”  Philippians 4:11

Flower Power Forever!P1030981


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