The Power of a Highlighter

My previous Bible I purchased in high school.  It was called a “travel” Bible because it was very small (I must’ve had better vision back then).  I got it because I had big dreams of going on mission trips and I thought it would be easy to carry in my luggage.  I remember the first Sunday I brought my new travel Bible to church.  Another kid in the youth group snatched it from me and wrote in it.  How dare he!!!  Is your name King David? or Paul? or Joshua? or any other author of the Bible?  No.  It’s Trenton!  There are no “Trentons” in the Bible!  I was so disgusted I couldn’t even look at him.  I think he wrote, “Audrey is cool,” or something silly.  I realize now he was just trying to flirt with me.  You better believe I never went on a date with him after that abominable act.  I know it’s silly, but I never cared for that particular Bible after that.  My Bible had been defiled.

Another similar incident occurred in high school.  I was in a van, with my fellow band geeks, on our way to Chicago for a field trip.  I think we were going to see The Phantom of the Opera.  Oh yes, that’s right, and we sat in the very back row of an elegant but massive theater and I couldn’t see anything (I guess I had bad vision then too).  In the van, a fellow classmate was reading a book of poems.  She said she particularly liked one of the poems, so she ripped it out of the book.  She grabbed that single page by its corner and yanked it out of the binding of the book.  My jaw dropped.  Like I said in my last post- My mom taught me that books are your friends.  You don’t rip your friends.  That’s simply not nice.  I asked her what she was going to do with it now.  She said she was going to put it on her wall where she pinned up things that interested her.  I thought that sounded like a really cool wall.

A few Sundays ago my pastor was trying to emphasis a particular word during his sermon.  He told the congregation to circle that word in their Bible.  Then he said, “Better yet, circle that word in your neighbor’s Bible.”  Luckily, I did not bring my Bible that day or somebody might have died.  Okay, no one would’ve died, but I probably would’ve shouted, “NO!” and possibly snapped my neighbor’s pen in half, which then would’ve splattered ink all over my Bible.  In that case, I would’ve been better off having just circled the word in the first place.

This might come as a shock to you, but I have recently highlighted my new purple Bible.  Yellow highlighters ONLY!  I think yellow is less intrusive than the other neon colors.  Also, purple highlighters are really hard to find.  I feel like I have power in my hand when I hold a highlighter.  It’s like a sword, or scepter, a wand or light saber (for the Star Wars fans).  When I hold a highlighter in my hand I am no longer methodically skimming my eyes past the large print.  I am desperately searching for a word or phrase that is worthy of experiencing the yellowing touch of my highlighter.  After a verse has been highlighted I mull it over in my mind, thus sinking it more deeply into my heart.




2 thoughts on “The Power of a Highlighter

  1. As I read this it gave me insight into the very soul of a little girl I once knew. One who has now grown into a beautiful (inside and out) young woman, wife and mother. Time stole something special Thank you for the opportunity to get it back.

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